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Expanding Nano Curcumin products to support health

As a Nano Curcumin product pioneered in research in Vietnam, after 10 years the CumarGold brand is still constantly improving and developing new brands to suit more audiences, aiming for health care goals. and beauty for everyone.

CumarGold – Pioneer in applying Nano Curcumin in supporting health improvement

In 2013, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology announced the successful production of the active ingredient Nano Curcumin extracted from turmeric, marking a big step forward in the country’s medicine. Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology transferred Nano Curcumin to CVI Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Joint Stock Company (CVI Pharma) to research and produce CumarGold product. The Nano Curcumin ingredient in CumarGold is positively evaluated on the market thanks to its good characteristics such as: – Curcumin content in nanoparticles reaches 20%. – Absorption reaches 95%. – Size 30-50 nm, dissolves quickly in water. With high quality standards, Nano Curcumin is highly effective and non-toxic when used in high doses.

Despite its high efficiency, CumarGold is constantly developing, upgrading and improving its products with the desire to bring even better health support products. In September 2020, CVI Pharma’s research team upgraded CumarGold to CumarGold New version. The new product retains the Nano Curcumin ingredient and adds standardized ginger extract with the following uses: – Supports the protection of the stomach lining. – Supports quick relief of symptoms of stomach and duodenal ulcers: epigastric pain, belching, gastric reflux, and esophagus. – Supports reducing side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. CumarGold or later CumarGold New has achieved many achievements such as: – Top 10 trusted Vietnamese brands in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. – Gold medal for public health in 2017. – Typical stomach products at the 25th and 27th Hanoi Digestive Conference.

Mở rộng các sản phẩm Nano Curcumin hỗ trợ sức khỏe - Ảnh 2.

CVI Factory: Processing natural Herbal Cosmetics with CGMP-ASEAN standard package

With the strong development orientation of natural cosmetic lines, CVI Pharma Factory has become a strategic partner of many large domestic and foreign cosmetic corporations. We continuously transfer and apply the world’s most modern cosmetic production and preparation technologies from reputable raw materials to produce many effective and user-friendly skin care products. As a member of CVI Pharma Ecosystem, promoting the strength of research & development of high quality products from natural herbs thanks to the application of science & technology, CVI Pharma Hi-tech Pharmaceutical Factory will ever step affirming its role as a supplier of high quality cosmetics in Vietnam meeting CGMP – ASEAN standards. With an investment of 300 billion on an area of 1.1 ha, equipped with modern extraction systems and production lines that meet GMP, CGMP, GMP – WHO, ISO 13485:2016 standards for cosmetic production, functional foods, traditional medicines and medical equipment and medical supplies of grade A. CVI Pharma will gradually position its brand on the map of the pharmaceutical industry, not only as a Business – Distribution enterprise, but also is a prestigious pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing unit – Quality – Competitive price. Reaching CGMP – ASEAN standards for cosmetic production, CVI Pharma Factory has focused on investing in modern and imported production equipment with automatic tube packing machine, PLC electronic control system (pi-eo) -xi) and touch screen control, Automatic rotary table extraction machine, Large dispensing system to meet the needs of industrial scale production. All stages of modern synchronous production are closed continuously from dispensing to dosing. COSMETIC PROCESSING 100% NATURAL HERBAL PACKAGE CGMP-ASEAN STANDARD Automatic tube sealing machine: A fully automatic tube filling and sealing device including automatic tube feeding steps, tube rotation in the right direction, liquid or cream filling, tube sealing and bottom cutting (plastic tube), close the production batch number and take the product out. Automatic rotary table filling machine: Using a high-precision server-controlled piston filling method, closed from feeding, filling to closing the button, tightening the lid, helping to increase the extraction speed and save time. time, workspace, limit risks. Two large tank systems: Dispensing 350L and 1000L with an output of 3-4 tons of fluid per day, meeting large volumes of industrial scale. PRESTIGE MATERIALS ARE CONTROLLED All raw materials for production at CVI Pharma’s high-tech pharmaceutical factory are built to standards suitable for cosmetic production. Imported materials are strictly controlled from the manufacturer’s quality documents to the application of experimental testing methods before being stored for use. The parameters of temperature and humidity in the storage room of raw materials or finished products are regularly monitored and adjusted to ensure the most appropriate storage conditions. In addition to ensuring control of input materials, the RO water treatment system at CVI Pharma Factory is also regularly cleaned, maintained and maintained to ensure that the water quality is consistent with drinking water standards. GLP STANDARD TESTING LABOR The GLP-qualified testing room of CVI Pharma Factory is invested in equipment and machinery and a high-quality management system to ensure that the plant’s operation is always in the best condition, with the least errors. . On the basis of CGMP – ASEAN, CVI Pharma’s quality management team meticulously controls all stages, processes and materials related to production, from raw materials, packaging, printing, semi-finished products and finished products. During production, all test results will be reported and archived. In addition, each stage in the process is always monitored differently throughout the production process until after circulation. FAST LEGAL ADVICE AND SUPPORT Always putting the interests of customers first, CVI Pharma High-tech Pharmaceutical Factory always offers solutions to help customers optimize costs and time by building a full service from production to procedures. juridical. We provide support services to customers with legal papers such as Cosmetics Announcement, Advertising License Registration… in full compliance with current laws. With the current capacity, CVI Pharma Factory is confident to bring customers the best cooperation experience with the commitment to always accompany customers’ success.

The delegation of Victorya State University (Australia) visited and worked with CVI Pharma High-tech Pharmaceutical Factory

During the visit to Vietnam, the delegation from Victoria State University (Australia) visited and worked with CVI Pharma hi-tech factory. The delegation was led by Sir John Brumby, President of the Victorian International Education Advisory Council, President of the Victorian Breakthrough Quarter, and 15 representatives who were the Director/Vice-Director/Principal/Vice-Principal. Chief/Educational Counselor/Chief Representative of Vietnam in Australia/Chief Representative of Victorya State in Vietnam/Southeast Asia Regional Manager in Victorya…in charge of the field of International Military Relations and/or Research.

At the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors Phan Van Hieu introduced an overview of the mission, organizational structure and production capacity as well as important quality certificates on production standards of the Technological Pharmaceutical Factory. high CVI Pharma. In which, it is emphasized that CVI is a strategic partner of many leading domestic and foreign research institutes and universities in pharmaceutical chemistry. The company focuses on investing in infrastructure with modern extraction systems and production lines and high-quality human resources to promote its strengths in Research and Development of cosmetics and cosmetics from natural herbs. Directly visiting the showroom, discussing in detail about the CVI products being processed, Mr. John Brumby expressed his interest in the cooperation in Research & Development of cosmetics from natural herbs.

Victoria is globally renowned for its research and education, attracting investment and cooperation from around the world. Other Victorian universities also have cutting-edge research and development networks and capacities, including RMIT University, Deakin University, La Trobe University, Swinburne University of Technology, Australian Catholic University (Catholic University of Australia). ACU), Victoria University and Federation…

The meeting is part of activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Australia, and also strengthen Victoria’s position as an education, trade and investment partner. strategic investment of Vietnam

FC CVI: 25 Talents converge to win the runner-up of the Health Football Tournament + 2023

To celebrate the 137th anniversary of the International Labor Day and the 48th anniversary of the Southern Liberation Day, the Vietnam Association of Functional Foods (VAFF) will organize a Football Tournament for Public Health. The tournament is also a playground to encourage the sport movement between businesses and the community, and at the same time strengthens the spirit of solidarity as well as exchanges and sharing between businesses and between businesses and management agencies. physical. Responding to the tournament, CVI Pharma established the CVI – Medstand – JCVI (FC CVI) Alliance team – Converging 25 talents in the football village of the CVI Ecosystem (CVI Pharma Factory/Office – Medstand Pharma – J – CVI Pharma). With a spirit of serious preparation in terms of physical/psychological/discipline, FC CVI players have spent a lot of effort training and building their own style of play for the sake of the colors of the flag. The tournament will be a memorable mark in the series of activities towards the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Company. This is the first time that the CVI – Medstand – JCVI Alliance (FC CVI) has participated in the large-scale Football for Health + 2023 Season in the pharmaceutical industry but has left a deep impression on the entire Organizing Committee and your teams by their fighting spirit and spirit of fire. The heat of the passionate fans gave strength to the FC CVI players firmly keeping a clean sheet until the last moments of the Final Round of teamfights against Abipha. 4 matches in a row between extreme hot weather > 50 degrees Celsius. Sweat has been shed, blood has been shed Dramatic ball fights Spectacular saves And the mighty shots hit the opponent’s net… Teams participating in the season After 40 minutes of evenly matched competition, both teams gave viewers an attractive match, with tit-for-tat balls and a series of excellent shots and saves. The result was inconclusive in official time with the score 0-0. The decision to win or lose of the two teams had to rely on a penalty shootout full of luck and luck belonged to the Abipha team. Our team had to accept the second place, but the CVI – Medstand – JCVI (FC CVI) Union players really became champions in everyone’s hearts. It is admirable that our team scored 10 goals in the entire Tournament, conceded no goals and was rated the highest scoring performance in the tournament. Score of 4 matches of CVI – Medstand – JCVI (FC CVI): GROUP STAGE – FC CVI Alliance >< Vietnam Federation of Functional Foods Association – Ministry of Health: 7-0 – FC CVI Alliance >< Thai Minh & Thai Minh Hi-Tech System: 1-0 – FC CVI Alliance >< Oriental Alliance – Thanh Hang – Nasaki: 2-0 FINAL FC CVI Alliance >< Abipha International Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company: 0-0 Holding the runner-up position of the whole Football for Health + 2023, the CVI – Medstand – JCVI Alliance (FC CVI) was honored to receive the Honorary Certificate and the Prize worth VND 2,000,000 awarded by the BTC Association of Foodstuffs. Appreciating the dedication and best efforts for the flag and colors of the entire team, Chairman Phan Van Hieu, member companies and the Board of Directors, CVI Trade Union honored and awarded the Award. Teams and Individuals recruit FC CVI Union with many meaningful health care gifts: AWARDS FROM CHAIRMAN PHAN VAN HIEU: – 01 CVI – Medstand – JCVI Alliance (FC CVI): VND 5,000,000 – Individual 01 Golden Shoe Award: Hoang Long (No. 81) – JCVI Pharma: VND 2,000,000 04 Best Rescues: Vuong Van Toan (No. 97) – CVI Pharma Factory: VND 1,000,000 Hoang Long (No. 81) – JCVI Pharma: VND 1,000,000 Can Ngoc Kien (No. 17) – CVI Pharma Factory: VND 1,000,000 Vu Duc Thinh (No. 29) – Medstand Pharma: VND 1,000,000 01 Key Goal Award: Nguyen Van Diep (No. 11) – CVI Factory: 1,000,000 VND AWARDS FROM CVI PHARMA UNION: – 01 Collective of CVI – Medstand – JCVI (FC CVI):: 4,000,000 VND – 06 Individual Prizes: + Player to score the first goal: Hoang Long (No. 81) – JCVI Pharma: VND 500,000 + Best Player: Le Quang Huy (No. 08) – JCVI Pharma: 500,000 VND + Player with the most goals: Hoang Long (No. 81) – JCVI Pharma: 500,000 VND + Best goal: Tran Dang Khoa (No. 18) – Medstand Pharma: 500,000 VND + Best save: Vuong Van Toan (No. 97) – CVI Pharma Factory: 500,000 VND + Contribution Award: Nguyen Van Diep (No. 11) – CVI Factory: 500,000 VND Let’s look back at the great, memorable and emotional moments of the heroes of the CVI – Medstand – JCVI (FC CVI) coalition on the field of C50 – Security Academy on Saturday afternoon, May 6, 2023 ( 12:30-17:30).


Conquering the Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry with quick steps to become a bright spot with proud lipstick marks, CVI Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company pioneered to explore and open a new era – the era of Nano technology application in the world pharmaceutical field.

With Courage – Wisdom and Aspiration, the pharmacists at CVI Pharma have been writing the story of Elevating herbs for nearly a decade.