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Expanding Nano Curcumin products to support health

As a Nano Curcumin product pioneered in research in Vietnam, after 10 years the CumarGold brand is still constantly improving and developing new brands to suit more audiences, aiming for health care goals. and beauty for everyone.

CumarGold – Pioneer in applying Nano Curcumin in supporting health improvement

In 2013, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology announced the successful production of the active ingredient Nano Curcumin extracted from turmeric, marking a big step forward in the country’s medicine. Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology transferred Nano Curcumin to CVI Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Joint Stock Company (CVI Pharma) to research and produce CumarGold product. The Nano Curcumin ingredient in CumarGold is positively evaluated on the market thanks to its good characteristics such as: – Curcumin content in nanoparticles reaches 20%. – Absorption reaches 95%. – Size 30-50 nm, dissolves quickly in water. With high quality standards, Nano Curcumin is highly effective and non-toxic when used in high doses.

Despite its high efficiency, CumarGold is constantly developing, upgrading and improving its products with the desire to bring even better health support products. In September 2020, CVI Pharma’s research team upgraded CumarGold to CumarGold New version. The new product retains the Nano Curcumin ingredient and adds standardized ginger extract with the following uses: – Supports the protection of the stomach lining. – Supports quick relief of symptoms of stomach and duodenal ulcers: epigastric pain, belching, gastric reflux, and esophagus. – Supports reducing side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. CumarGold or later CumarGold New has achieved many achievements such as: – Top 10 trusted Vietnamese brands in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. – Gold medal for public health in 2017. – Typical stomach products at the 25th and 27th Hanoi Digestive Conference.

Mở rộng các sản phẩm Nano Curcumin hỗ trợ sức khỏe - Ảnh 2.