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CVI Factory: Processing natural Herbal Cosmetics with CGMP-ASEAN standard package

With the strong development orientation of natural cosmetic lines, CVI Pharma Factory has become a strategic partner of many large domestic and foreign cosmetic corporations. We continuously transfer and apply the world’s most modern cosmetic production and preparation technologies from reputable raw materials to produce many effective and user-friendly skin care products. As a member of CVI Pharma Ecosystem, promoting the strength of research & development of high quality products from natural herbs thanks to the application of science & technology, CVI Pharma Hi-tech Pharmaceutical Factory will ever step affirming its role as a supplier of high quality cosmetics in Vietnam meeting CGMP – ASEAN standards. With an investment of 300 billion on an area of 1.1 ha, equipped with modern extraction systems and production lines that meet GMP, CGMP, GMP – WHO, ISO 13485:2016 standards for cosmetic production, functional foods, traditional medicines and medical equipment and medical supplies of grade A. CVI Pharma will gradually position its brand on the map of the pharmaceutical industry, not only as a Business – Distribution enterprise, but also is a prestigious pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing unit – Quality – Competitive price. Reaching CGMP – ASEAN standards for cosmetic production, CVI Pharma Factory has focused on investing in modern and imported production equipment with automatic tube packing machine, PLC electronic control system (pi-eo) -xi) and touch screen control, Automatic rotary table extraction machine, Large dispensing system to meet the needs of industrial scale production. All stages of modern synchronous production are closed continuously from dispensing to dosing. COSMETIC PROCESSING 100% NATURAL HERBAL PACKAGE CGMP-ASEAN STANDARD Automatic tube sealing machine: A fully automatic tube filling and sealing device including automatic tube feeding steps, tube rotation in the right direction, liquid or cream filling, tube sealing and bottom cutting (plastic tube), close the production batch number and take the product out. Automatic rotary table filling machine: Using a high-precision server-controlled piston filling method, closed from feeding, filling to closing the button, tightening the lid, helping to increase the extraction speed and save time. time, workspace, limit risks. Two large tank systems: Dispensing 350L and 1000L with an output of 3-4 tons of fluid per day, meeting large volumes of industrial scale. PRESTIGE MATERIALS ARE CONTROLLED All raw materials for production at CVI Pharma’s high-tech pharmaceutical factory are built to standards suitable for cosmetic production. Imported materials are strictly controlled from the manufacturer’s quality documents to the application of experimental testing methods before being stored for use. The parameters of temperature and humidity in the storage room of raw materials or finished products are regularly monitored and adjusted to ensure the most appropriate storage conditions. In addition to ensuring control of input materials, the RO water treatment system at CVI Pharma Factory is also regularly cleaned, maintained and maintained to ensure that the water quality is consistent with drinking water standards. GLP STANDARD TESTING LABOR The GLP-qualified testing room of CVI Pharma Factory is invested in equipment and machinery and a high-quality management system to ensure that the plant’s operation is always in the best condition, with the least errors. . On the basis of CGMP – ASEAN, CVI Pharma’s quality management team meticulously controls all stages, processes and materials related to production, from raw materials, packaging, printing, semi-finished products and finished products. During production, all test results will be reported and archived. In addition, each stage in the process is always monitored differently throughout the production process until after circulation. FAST LEGAL ADVICE AND SUPPORT Always putting the interests of customers first, CVI Pharma High-tech Pharmaceutical Factory always offers solutions to help customers optimize costs and time by building a full service from production to procedures. juridical. We provide support services to customers with legal papers such as Cosmetics Announcement, Advertising License Registration… in full compliance with current laws. With the current capacity, CVI Pharma Factory is confident to bring customers the best cooperation experience with the commitment to always accompany customers’ success.